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Pack 4 Plug Rug Clay Drain Covers - Medium or Large Sizes

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Size: Medium (45cm x 45cm x 2cm)

What's in the Box

4 Clay drain mats

Rapid action clay drain cover to prevent spills entering drainage systems

Durable, flexible cover is designed for use in wet or dry to completely cover and seal a drain preventing liquid contaminants entering drains.

Flexibility of clay means it can be used on any smooth, rough, pitted and uneven surface and simply pressed to form an instant, complete seal. A popular choice over rubber alternatives for this reason.

First port of call to be put out in an emergency, allowing time to keep drainage protected and you in control whilst absorbents are being deployed. 

A crucial addition to any spill kits maintained on site, as well as meeting requirements under ADR when carried on a vehicle.

For use on:

All liquid spills 

Various sizes available to choose best fit for area to cover.


Medium (45cm x 45cm x 2cm) Large (65cm x 45cm x 2cm)


Medium (20kg) Large (30kg)