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We Partner with the Best

Global Supplier of Quality Safety Equipment

We only supply from global brands and/or trusted manufacturers, to ensure quality where it is needed most.

Not just another online store

We are a UK based supply company with a specialism in high hazard environments and equipment. Based in Essex but supplying across the whole of the UK and expanding into Canada, US and Europe in 2024. 

Hazkit was born out of frustration that we are sure you've all shared. Rip offs.

Our Director is a NEBOSH qualified health and safety professional and Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor (DGSA) that spent years running fuel and chemical depots before becoming a consultant.

Whilst teaching and consulting with businesses all over the UK on safety and environmental compliance, it became clear that there was an issue with bogus brands. These cheaper knock-offs just don't perform as they are sold to and were often almost identical to the real deal. Some could even produce fake certificates of conformity but all were putting teams and businesses at serious risk.

We partner with globally recognised manufacturers, trusted names with certified products and will only stock products we can verify, would use or have used ourselves. Protecting people and the environment is paramount, so we remain committed to ensuring the quality of products is never sacrificed.

Hazkit is here to support homes and businesses by making sure that you have straightforward access to the right products, when you need them most.