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Full Portable Reusable Drain Protection Kit including Holdall

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What's in the Box

Neoprene drain cover
Plugging granules - 1kg tub
Disposable gloves
Mounting D-rings

Rapid action portable drain kit to prevent spills entering drainage systems

Kit includes chemical resistant neoprene 1m x 1m x 1.5m drain cover which is designed completely cover and seal a drain preventing liquid contaminants entering drains. Easily washed for repeated use.

The drain cover is partnered with plugging compound granules which mix with water to create a chemical resistant seal. Flexibility of plugging compound means it can be used on any smooth, rough, pitted and uneven surface and simply pressed to form an instant, complete seal. Recommended overlap 10cm at edges for optimum performance.

High visibility weather-resistant holdall provided for protection, easy carrying and identification in an emergency. 
Disposal gloves also included for safe handling. 

For use on:

All liquid spills 

Ideal to have on hand in the cab or is supplied with D rings for mounting in a prime location on site for ready access.


100cm x 100cm x 3mm