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Drizit Portable Waterproof Bag Chemical Spill Kit - Treats 68 Litres

Absorbent Capacity

68 Litres

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Carrier Type: Satchel
Material: Chemical

What's in the Box

50 chemical absorbent pads
4 chemical absorbent socks
2 chemical absorbent cushions
Disposal bag and tie
Dammit® slab
1 pair of gloves

Ideal portable kit for personal use or carrying round site

Our Drizit Chemical Spill Kit is a totally portable and versatile spill kit for use anywhere, inside or outside the workplace, for containing and cleaning up all types of spill.

  • Hang on wall with extinguishers for complete emergency station.
  • Carry in cars for initial first response or place outside in high risk areas such as storage and transfer.
  • Every drum storage unit should have one.
  • Essential for any environment management system.

    Satchel: Robust UV stabilised waterproof bagfor long lasting quality.

    For use on aggressive chemical liquid spills such as:

    • Acids
    • Alkalis
    • Strong chemicals
    • Solvents
    Not for use on oxidisers


    26 × 50 × 50 cm