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90-Second Bodily Fluid Absorbent Shaker - Neutralise Odours and Disinfect

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Original price
£33.59 inc VAT
£33.59 - £33.59 inc VAT
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Material: Bodily Fluids
Carrier Type: Shaker

What's in the Box

400g Easy-dispense and disperse Shaker

Absorbs 30 times its own volume within 90 seconds. 

Contains 1% sodium dichloroisocyanurate which is regarded by many, including the World Health Organisation, NHS and the Government as the most effective broad spectrum disinfectant against bacteria and viruses, including HIV and hepatitis ‘B’

  • Grab-and-go
  • Easy dispense and disperse shaker
  • Ready to use

Suitable for all bodily fluids such as vomit, blood, urine or diarrhoea. 

Pleasantly perfumed neutralising odours and visually covering spills with anti-bacterial properties. 

Popular for use in:

  •  Nightclubs
  •  Hospitals
  •  Nursing Homes
  •  Ambulances
  •  Police Cells
  •  Canteens
  •  Colleges/universities 
  •  Any large group/gathering venue where cross-infection is possible