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Leaking Tank or Pipework



£30,000 is the current average cost for a spill clean up

Scroll Down For Some Protection
Instant application

Ready mixed for emergencies

Strong Hold

Even over dirt and rust

Protect Your Property

Plugs for up to 24 hours

Oil, Fuels, Chemicals

Made for hazardous liquids

A must-have for all sheds and toolboxes

Effective temporary sealant for leaks in tanks, pipes and drums.

A great shelf life means you can keep a pot on the go.


Ready to Use - just push over source of leak

Sticks to even dirty, rusty surfaces


Easy to apply

Holds for up to 24 hours

"I came home to find my heating oil tank leaking"

A real "it won't happen to me" but I knew I could smell something from the garden so went to have a look. I found it pouring out like a little tap! I panicked; I had over 1000 litres in there and I know that kerosene kills plants and can get into the foundations of the house.

So grateful I remembered I had a tub of Dammit in the shed and honestly couldn't believe how quickly it worked. I just pushed it onto the hole and it stopped straight away. The guy that brought the new tank said I'd have lost the whole lot into the ground otherwise! I won't be without it now, it's not worth the risk.

For use on:

  • Water repellent hazardous and non-hazardous oils, distillates and fuels
  • Chemicals*

*Not for use on Phosphoric acid, Hydrofluoric acid, Sulphuric acid 96%, Triethylamine 99% or Hydrogen peroxide 15%